About Us

About our company

AGMarket is rooted in the glorious part of trading at the New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. We work to embody all our experience in the financial markets in the most advanced and promising investment ideas. Our headquarter`s locations allows us directly cooperate with the world's leading banks, providing the highest level of liquidity of the assets of our platform.

We are chosen for:

Investment ideas

Our analysts are always ready to provide our investors with ready-made investment solutions with a high level of profitability.

Direct access to bidding

Through the use of segregated accounts with leading Swiss banks, your funds are directly involved in bidding on world exchanges.

Instant order processing

The Market Execution order execution system guarantees the opening of your orders as soon as possible in any situation.

AGMarket is your best choice

In recent years, AGMarket has been growing at an impressive pace and is currently one of the industry leaders. Our business is focused on customer needs, and therefore the main priority for us is to improve the quality of our services.

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The experts working in our company are professionals seasoned in the struggle for profit in the currency, commodity, raw materials, stock and metals markets. Our trading platform allows our investors to earn money in any financial market in the world, confidently leaning on the shoulder of our brokers and analysts.

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