Open your trading account

The process of opening an account is quite simple and does not require much efforts.

This type of account is recommended to open for more experienced traders who know well the features of the financial market.

Premium account created for experienced traders. The peculiarity is that you automatically receive a complete package of products: technical support, an account in dollars and pounds, a personal sales specialist.

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Benefits of trading with us

Economic around the world

Trading on the currency, commodity, stock and metal markets from anywhere

Customer support

Support from the professional analyst, financial advisor and technical specialist 24/7

100% guarantee of safety of funds

Thanks to the high level of financial protection, your funds are in complete safety

Special conditions

We provide the best trading conditions that exceed any expectations of traders

Fast withdrawal of funds

Deposit and withdrawal of funds in just one day, in any way convenient for you

Bonuses and special offers

Take advantage of our bonus programs and gain an advantage in trading

Professional Trading Platform

Our investment platforms include: over 200 investment assets, full range of graphical analytic tools, extended list of math trading indicators, algorithmic trading

The best platform for trading and investing, recognized by millions of online traders around the world.

Status - Interface of Status platform is qualitatively different from other trading platforms. The program will be comfortable for both beginners and traders with experience.

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Our Professional Team

Our team consists of experienced professionals who have reached heights in the field of finance. Thanks to many years of experience, the team provides high-quality services in the field of Internet trading. Professionalism, openness, and customer focus are the main principles of work at all stages - from opening an account to withdrawing profits.

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Money must work efficiently

Start working with a technology leader in global financial markets and increase the efficiency of your investments. Join the team of thousands of professional investors and traders to be one step ahead!

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Stocks, bonds and stock indices from around the world are traded on the stock market. International companies such as Amazon, Tesla, Google, Coca-Cola, and other corporations attract new investments through the stock market by selling securities to private investors.

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The market of digital currencies (metals) and tokens created by the mythical Satoshi Nakamoto. The metal market is the smallest among the financial markets. But at the same time, a high level of investor interest in Blockchain technology provides this market with the highest level of trading activity. Due to the high volatility, metal market traders can double or triple their starting capital in just one day.

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The international interbank market in which currency and bank metals are traded. FOREX capitalization is the highest among financial markets. Sometimes the daily Forex trading turnover exceeds the amount of 3 trillion US dollars. Transactions conducted in all other markets are indirectly duplicated on FOREX.

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Futures, options and forwards on oil, copper, wheat, coffee, and other commodities are traded on the commodity market. On the commodity market, the world's leading manufacturers of goods and services buy raw materials, without which their business cannot exist. The price of the most important resources is formed there.

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Indexes – being the quintessence of all assets traded on the stock market, indices are not only an excellent asset for highly profitable speculative trading, but they are also an indicator of the state of the world economy.

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